Yealink CP960

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Yealink CP960

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The Yealink CP960 is a professional conference telephone for medium-sized meeting rooms. The device relies on particularly high audio quality, which was achieved by a collaboration with the renowned manufacturer Harman. It incorporates noise cancellation technology and provides voice recording without blind spots within six meters.

Additional Product Info

  • Full-duplex technology with HD audio and speakers with Harman technology
  • Three built-in microphones for 360 ° detection within 6 meters
  • Wireless connection via WLAN and Bluetooth
  • 5 "touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Android operating system

Situational shutdown of individual microphones for greater clarity

Yealink's Noise Cancellation features two interlinked features: During a conference, the constant background noise from sources such as typing, air conditioning, or the like is reduced. If a person does not speak, the technology also disables the microphone until the sound of a human voice is registered again.  

Professional inside and out

The CP960 is stylish and professional. The sleek, eye-catching shape with a metallic surface is complemented by a five-inch touchscreen that allows you to quickly and smoothly operate with your fingertips. The elegant hardware and software concept gives the business conference simplicity and comfort.  

Conference calls with up to five parties

The Yealink device allows conferences with up to five parties. Send invitations to organize a meeting by simply tapping on the touch screen. You can seamlessly invite participants and add them to a meeting without interrupting the ongoing conversation. If you are using a softphone on your PC or a mobile phone, you can use the USB port or the Bluetooth interface to transfer the call to the CP960.


Yealink PoE 30 Power Supply

Yealink PoE 30 Power Supply

PoE Power Supply for CP960

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