Yealink W52P IP-DECT

Yealink W52P IP-DECT

This Yealink cordless phone is ideal for small offices and large homes and apartments. From a single base station, up to four phone calls can be made simultaneously with four mobile phones. Up to 500 contacts can be registered in the directory. With a choice of nine different ringtones, two screen savers and many different languages, the phone can also be adapted to the individual user.

Additional Product Info

Cordless phone for the office

  • HD Sound Quality
  • Possible to make up to four phone calls simultaneously
  • Ten hours of operation
  • 100 hours of standby battery life
  • 50 to a maximum of 300 meters range

Cordless telephony in the office and at home

Inside a house, the range of the cordless phone is 50 meters, outside buildings even up to 300 meters. The quality of HD sound allows a comfortable phone in any place. Due to the long life of the battery, the device does not always need to be placed on the charging station.