Gigaset DX800A

Gigaset DX800A


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The Gigaset DX800A impresses with innovative functions and outstanding flexibility. It can be used in both analog and ISDN fixed-line networks, and when connected to the Internet it also offers cost-effective VoIP telephony. To complete its all-round talents, the device is equipped with an integrated DECT base station - so your telephone system can easily be expanded with up to six DECT-compliant handsets.

Additional Product Info

  • ISDN or analogue fixed network as well as VoIP
  • DECT base station for up to six handsets
  • Bluetooth, LAN & Fax connection
  • Multiline-capable: up to four simultaneous calls
  • Digital answering machine, address book with up to 1000 entries

Boundless possibilities

The telephone in elegant design offers almost unlimited possibilities for your communication. You can make flexible calls with up to six SIP accounts and use ISDN multipoint connections with up to ten MSNs. Let yourself be notified of new e-mails, write SMS, make mobile phone calls with the comfortable desktop device thanks to the Bluetooth connection. Enjoy all the advantages of modern, multifaceted networked communication.

CTI support and contact synchronization

The business phone supports you with professional contact management and offers an address book for up to 1000 entries. The "Gigaset QuickSync" software included ensures convenient synchronization with Microsoft and Mac address books and allows you to dial directly from Outlook.

Not just a phone

The Gigaset DX800A lets you access online phone and yellow pages to search for phone numbers. If you're missing a name for a phone number, you can find it using reverse search. But that's not all: A wide range of online services, such as RSS feeds, weather tickers, rising or falling prices and many other services can always be displayed up to date on the large color display.

Three answering machines

Thanks to the triple answering machine, missed calls are a thing of the past. The device has a recording capacity of up to 55 minutes and offers convenient functions such as remote inquiry or the time-controlled notification function. The large display informs you immediately when new messages have arrived.

Cordless convenience thanks to Bluetooth interface

This phone has a built-in Bluetooth interface. You do not need an adapter to connect a wireless Bluetooth headset to the device. Enjoy maximum freedom of movement when making calls: With a Bluetooth headset, not only do you have both hands free, but you can also move away from your desk while you communicate with your call partner.


Gigaset Power Adapter C706

Gigaset Power Adapter C706

Power adapter for Gigaset DX600A / DX800 / DL500

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