peoplefone CONNECTOR

Do you want to empower your business and elevate customer experiences by integrating your phone system with your CRM/ERP or other business software?

Then peoplefone CONNECTOR will help you to improve your productivity. Please find below the current functionalities that we provide. More features will follow.

Standard software peoplefone API
Receive a call notification on your computer

Click on notification to open the contact

Integrate with multiple CRM / ERP / other software

not applicable
Sync all incoming calls into your CRM / ERP / other software

Sync all outgoing calls into your CRM / ERP / other software

Other advanced workflows coming soon coming soon
pf connector screenshot

Important information:

  • peoplefone CONNECTOR can be implemented for peoplefone HOSTED users.
  • Supported browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

peoplefone CONNECTOR - Video Teil I (DE)

peoplefone CONNECTOR - Video Teil II (DE)

peoplefone CONNECTOR standard

peoplefone CONNECTOR standard connects your phone system peoplefone HOSTED with a multitude of already integrated softwares.

The most popular integrated software:

Connector - Google Contacts logo
Integrator - Microsoft Dynamics logo
Integrator - Microsoft 365 logo
Integrator - odoo - logo
Integrator - Salesforce - logo
Integrator - SUGARCRM - logo
Integrator - Zendesk - logo
Integrator - Zoho CRM - logo

List of all 500+ integrated software:

peoplefone CONNECTOR API

If you do not find your specific software in the above list, we allow you to implement your own integration of your specific software thanks to peoplefone CONNECTOR API.
pf CONNECTOR image

You will find all information for the integration with the peoplefone CONNECTOR API in our WIKI.

peoplefone CONNECTOR: Pricing and Placing Order

All prices are in CHF incl. VAT.

peoplefone CONNECTOR Standard peoplefone CONNECTOR API
Setup fees (one-time) CHF 50.- CHF 0.-
Monthly fees per user* and per software CHF 2.- CHF 2.-
Advanced integration on request on request

*A user is defined as a peoplefone HOSTED user.

How to do?

  • In the peoplefone account  Login  Payments  Buy peoplefone CONNECTOR

  • Select the type of peoplefone CONNECTOR, the number of users and the duration of the subscription. Pay with the payment method of your choice.

  • After purchasing the subscription, go back to "Buy peoplefone CONNECTOR" and select the appropriate connector.

  • Then go to "Users (maximum X)" and give the employees right to use.

  • Open the peoplefone CONNECTOR, allow the notifications and enter your personal PIN code.

For the integration of the peoplefone CONNECTOR API and configuration, please consult our WIKI.