peoplefone HOSTED: Your Virtual PBX on the Web

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peoplefone HOSTED is a web based PBX replacing traditional communication platforms. Everything is configured with your web browser and, with the exception of IP phones, you do not need any hardware or software.

Main advantages of peoplefone HOSTED

No hardware, no software, no expensive updates

Easily scalable and flexible

Online access for each user

Simple management

Works perfectly on different sites

Competitive rates, free between members

peoplefone APP for iOS and android OS

Unified communication

Quick and easy installation

peoplefone HOSTED was developed by peoplefone engineers and the different administration and user interfaces were designed user-friendly. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend the help of an experienced peoplefone installation partner for a quick an efficient installation.

peoplefone HOSTED at a glance

peoplefone HOSTED replaces your PBX and is easy to install and use. Here some views:

Administrator View

hosted 1

User View

hosted 2

Call History

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peoplefone HOSTED: Functions

peoplefone HOSTED is a simple and efficient solution for SME. The costs of installation and the integration of new users are minimal and the administrator can manage the rights of all the users from his PC.

Call Functions

  • Short dial
  • Call forwarding (internal and external*)
  • Music on hold
  • Call pickup
  • Group calls
  • Multiple calls
  • Personal voicemail
  • Busy Line status
  • Day/night management
  • Phone number display
  • Link with CTI

*Additional paying functions


  • Admin Interface
  • User Interface
  • Calling plan
  • Online call history

Integration with mobiles

  • peoplefone apps for iPhone/Android
  • CounterPath softphones for PC/Mac


  • Fax devices with VoIP adapter
  • Reception with Fax2Email
  • Sending with Email2Fax
  • Fax Protocol T-38

Other functions

  • 3-way conference
  • Conference with PIN until 20 participants*
  • Auto-configuration of IP phones
  • Digital assistant (IVR)*

peoplefone HOSTED: Subscription and Prices

Users Monthly costs Yearly costs Setup costs
1-5 CHF 15.- CHF 180.- CHF 0.-
6-10 CHF 25.- CHF 300.- CHF 0.-
11-20 CHF 35.- CHF 420.- CHF 0.-
21-30 CHF 45.- CHF 540.- CHF 0.-
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The price of peoplefone HOSTED is based on the number of users. All prices are in CHF incl. VAT.

The price of the phone numbers are billed separately. Please go to Phone numbers for more detailed information. Look at the table on the right for some examples.

The price for telephony is charged per minute without set up fees. You will find all rates (worldwide) under Rates

Users Phone numbers Total monthly costs
5 1 15 + 5 = CHF 20.-
5 5 15 + 10 = CHF 25.-
10 10 25 + 15 = CHF 40.- 
20 20 35 + 30 = CHF 65.- 
50 50 65 + 50 = CHF 115.- 
100 100 115 + 50  = CHF 165.-

peoplefone HOSTED: additional paying functions

Rental Period Until max. 20 users
1 month CHF 10.-
6 months CHF 54.- (CHF 9.- per month)
12 months CHF 84.- (CHF 7.- per month)
non-peoplefone participant cost = Swiss fixed network
peoplefone participant free

Conferences with PIN until 20 Participants

With the conference function, you receive a phone number to dial, a conference number and a conference PIN number. You inform your participants. All participants dial a Swiss fixnet phone number and pay the respective local rate to their provider. There are no additional costs for them.

You have 30 days free testing! Should you already be a peoplefone user and would like to use peoplefone HOSTED on your peoplefone account, please contact [email protected]

Digital Assistant (IVR)

The IVR function ("Interactive Voice Response"), also named digital assistant, allows to play automatic messages and to direct the destination in function of the pressed keys. The costs are defined by the number of nodes (see example in the user manual). A node costs CHF 5.- per month.

Nodes Duration Costs
1 1 month CHF 5.- 
1 6 months CHF 30.-
1 12 months  CHF 60.-
3 1 month CHF 15.-
3 6 month CHF 90.-
3 12 months CHF 180.-
4 12 months CHF 240.-

Sending of Email2Fax and Call Forwarding to external destinations

The costs of sending a fax with the function Email2Fax or activating a deviation to an external destination corresponds to the official peoplefone rates. 

peoplefone APPs

All peoplefone HOSTED customers can download for free the peoplefone APP for iPhone or Android and use its business features such as short numbers, call transfer or conference with their smartphone.

The peoplefone APPs also work with peoplefone SIP-TRUNK but the business features are not activated, as they are not compatible with the PBX used. Today, every modern PBX has its own apps.

peoplefone iPhone APP

Minimum version iPhone iOS iPhone iOS 7.0
Setup fees CHF 0.-
Monthly fees CHF 0.-
Business features for HOSTED

Business features for SIP-TRUNK

peoplefone Android APP

Minimum Android version Android 2.3.3
Setup fees CHF 0.-
Monthly fees CHF 0.-
Business features for HOSTED

Business features for SIP-TRUNK

peoplefone HOSTED: Provisioned Devices

You only need to enter the MAC address of the devices in peoplefone HOSTED (auto-provisioning) under Login HOSTED Configuration User Configuration.

The Registrar/Proxy for peoplefone HOSTED is "".

For the optimal use of peoplefone HOSTED and an easy installation process of the IP phone sets and SmartPhone apps, we recommend the following end devices: 

IP deskphones

Yealink logo

Yealink IP Phones

Yealink SIP-T42G

Yealink SIP-T46G

Yealink SIP-T48G

Panasonic logo 2017
Panasonic KX-HDV230NE

IP DECT phones

snom logo
snom M25

snom DECT phones

Panasonic logo 2017
Panasonic KX-UDT121CE

Panasonic DECT phones

Conference phones


Polycom conference phones

Yealink logo
Yealink CP960

Yealink conference phones

Apps and Softphones

peoplefone recommends the following apps and softphones for the HOSTED solution:



peoplefone APP
for iPhone and Android OS

For iPhone, download app from Apple Store and for Android OS download it from the Google Store.

xtelsio new


xtelsio CTI

peoplefone HOSTED: Register and Login

You can test peoplefone HOSTED for free and without obligation for 30 days! Register and choose the number of users and phone numbers and you can "create" and manage your own PBX with the short user manual.

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Customer peoplefone

Become customer

In only a few minutes you can open for free and without any obligation a peoplefone account and test HOSTED