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MITEL MIVO400 HOSTED is a professional, flexible and versatile communication solution with high added value. Hosted at peoplefone, it represents a complete, available, powerful and secure working tool that can meet all the communication requirements of all companies.

peoplefone MITEL HOSTED offer

peoplefone offers its customers the hosting of their Mitel MIVO400VA telephony solution, in a redundant Vmware cluster, in its data center in Zurich.

The provision of redundant virtual machines and their maintenance are the responsibility of peoplefone.

The supply of licenses for the MIVO400VA solution, its installation, configuration and maintenance, as well as subscriptions, equipment and software for Internet connections, are the exclusive responsibility of the Mitel partner, and payable by the customer.

Main advantages of peoplefone MITEL HOSTED

Very competitive prices - low investment costs

Provides maximum performance, without any server infrastructure

Centralized management - multi-sites

Administration by competent and available professionals

Saving space and saving time for the main objectives of the company

Savings related to operation and maintenance

Increased workplace security
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peoplefone MITEL HOSTED: Functions

The MIVO400 solution is offered by the manufacturer Mitel for all sectors of activity of SMEs, whether for administration, commerce, crafts, or for more specific sectors of activity such as contact centers, hotel, health, safety, etc ...

The solution is thus offered with a choice of applications sometimes requiring one or more virtual machines, as well as several VPN connectivity with remote sites.

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Overview of the main functions requiring additional applications

Main functionalities MIVO400 Basic CloudLink MBG OIP
Basic telephone functions

SIP Desk / SIP DECT telephone

MiVoice 2380 Softphone

Alarming ATAS

Hospitality / PMS

MoMa / GSM integration

Teleworker / Home office

Operator station 1560

Integration Exchange

CTI - Office suite

CTI - third party

Call Center / statistics

The above list, which is not exhaustive, gives an indication of certain functions requiring one or more additional applications / additional virtual machines. For a detailed overview and for any offer, please consult a Mitel partner.

peoplefone MITEL HOSTED: Subscription and Prices

The price of the monthly subscription and the one-off costs depend on the type of applications desired and the number of remote sites connected, respectively the number of virtual machines required for the solution and the number of VPN connections needed. All prices alre in CHF incl. VAT.

peoplefone MITEL HOSTED subscriptions Monthly costs One-off costs

Hosting of the basic solution MIVO400VA Hosted, without licenses:

    - 1 redundant virtual machine with VPN

    - Commissioning and maintenance

CHF 75.00 CHF 150.00

Additional subscriptions Monthly costs One-off costs

Hosting of the application MIVO400 CloudLink (integration GSM / MoMa), without licenses:

    - 1 redundant virtual machine

    - Commissioning and maintenance

CHF 50.00 CHF 90.00

Hosting of the application MIVO400 MBG (Teleworker), without licenses:

    - 1 redundant virtual machine

    - Commissioning and maintenance

For a capacity of:

    - up to 125 terminals

    - up to 250 terminals

    - up to 1'250 terminals

CHF 60.00

CHF 110.00

CHF 160.00

CHF 90.00

CHF 90.00

CHF 90.00

Hosting of the application MIVO400 OIP (CTI), without licenses:

    - 1 redundant virtual machine

    - Commissioning and maintenance

For a capacity of:

    - up to 50 users

    - up to 300 users

    - up to 1'200 users

CHF 50.00

CHF 100.00

CHF 200.00

CHF 90.00

CHF 90.00

CHF 90.00

Additional VPN link(s) for additional site(s) CHF 10.00 CHF 39.00

The price of the phone numbers are billed separately. Please go to Phone numbers.

The price for telephony is charged per minute without set up fees. You will find all rates (worldwide) under Rates.

peoplefone MITEL HOSTED: Contrat and registration

peoplefone MITEL HOSTED can only be ordered and installed in cooperation with a certified Mitel partner.

The following elements are required for peoplefone MITEL HOSTED:

  • Open a peoplefone STANDARD account for free
  • Send the signed peoplefone Business Contract (LSV optional)
  • Send the signed peoplefone MITEL HOSTED (see PDF below)
  • Mitel licenses - supplied by Mitel partner
  • Fully completed peoplefone MITEL HOSTED checklist
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Business Contract for POSTPAID clients (DE) |  view |  download