peoplefone RAINBOW HUB for Alcatel - Lucent Rainbow

Benefit from the next generation of complete cloud PBX collaboration and telephony solution. Thanks to Rainbow by Alcatel - Lucent Enterprise and peoplefone RAINBOW HUB Trunk.

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Rainbow Voice - All Devices

The collaboration services offer platform-independent device software, whether on desktops, smartphones, tablets, desk phones or in meeting rooms.

Easy participation (onboarding) for guest participants in group chats or video conferences. They can easily participate without a Rainbow account. Presence management is very simple and is controlled via the calendar.

File sharing and storage is very convenient within the so-called "bubbles". Screen sharing and remote control are also integrated.

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Comprehensive range of collaboration and communication solutions for employees from different industries.

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Open architecture, which enables integration of further applications into the existing communication infrastructure of the company.

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A hybrid workplace offering ultimate flexibility in communication and mobility.

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Rainbow is a secure, market-recognised solution with ISO 27001 and ISO 27001 - HDS (Health Data Host) certification.

peoplefone RAINBOW HUB: Prices

All prices are in CHF incl. VAT.

The required Alcatel - Lucent Rainbow licences are not included in the offer and must be purchased separately.

Cost of voice channels Monthly
peoplefone RAINBOW HUB per voice channel CHF 0.-
Set up costs One-time
Technical service for the connection of Rainbow Hub at peoplefone CHF 149.-
peoplefone + rainbowhub

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