Step by Step to a Happy Customer

The following table provides an overview of the individual steps that should be taken with a new customers. 
Steps Description Where? / How?
1. Sales material Flyers, electronic pdf modules as add-ons in your offers, stickers for telephone systems, credit vouchers

[email protected]

2. Customer account Open a peoplefone customer account

Partner Portal  Add Customer

3. Facturation

Would customer want payments to be prepaid or postpaid (monthly e-mail invoice)?

peoplefone Business Contract and LSV debit authorisation

(only available in German and French)

4. Porting Would customer like to port all existing phone numbers?

Porting documents

(only available in German and French)


other contracts

6. Test credit

Installation of VoIP hardware/software and immediate testing of outgoing calls 

Partner Portal  Customer  Payments  Payment History

7. Test numbers Test incoming calls with test numbers immediately and also before porting.

Partner Portal  Customer  Buy/Order  Numbers (as test)

Configuration Description Where? / How?

Partner Portal: SIP Line    Settings    Routing Type on Trunk

CLIP Open for PBX To display the outgoing numbers of a PBX (direct lines), it is necessary to activate the function open clip. You can do this directly via your partner portal within the customer account.

Partner Portal  select customer  modify SIP Line configuration  change Display Type to fixed CLI

peoplefone HOSTED Test 30 days without obligation with 5 users and test numbers

Partner Portal    Add Customer    Order a peoplefone HOSTED (as test)

Would you like to find out more or has a question not been answered?

Our Partner Managers will gladly advise you anytime at 044 552 20 20 or [email protected].

1. Sales Material

peoplefone sales materials are only available in German and French. For further questions please e-mail us at [email protected]

The following table depicts the various sales materials in German.

Artikelnummer Beschreibung
Kleber für PBX Kleber "powered by peoplefone" für Telefonanlagen
Gutscheine CHF 20.- Aktivierungscode, dass direkt im Portal eingeben und automatisch CHF 20.- Testkredit aufs Kundenkonto aufgeladen wird.
001: Flyer Cover Flyer Übersicht peoplefone SIP-TRUNK- und HOSTED Lösungen
002: Flyer SIPTRUNK Flyer peoplefone SIP-TRUNK
003: Flyer PHOSTED Flyer peoplefone HOSTED
004: Flyer 3CXHOSTED Flyer peoplefone 3CX HOSTED
005: Flyer MSTEAMS Flyer peoplefone Microsoft TEAMS
006: Flyer INTERNET Flyer peoplefone INTERNET
100: Template SIPTRUNKneutral Elektronisches 2-seitiges PDF: Vorderseite (Wer ist peoplefone? SIP TRUNK), Rückseite (Kosten SIP TRUNK, peoplefone Tarife)
110: Template HOSTEDneutral Elektronisches 2-seitiges PDF: Vorderseite (Wer ist peoplefone? peoplefone HOSTED), Rückseite (Kosten, peoplefone Tarife)
102: SIPTRUNKindividual Elektronisches PDF: Rückseite mit SIP TRUNK Referenzkunden
103: SIPTRUNKindividual Elektronisches PDF: Rückseite mit individuelles Referenzprojekt/Success Story
112: HOSTEDindividual Elektronisches PDF: Rückseite mit peoplefone HOSTED Referenzkunden
113: HOSTEDindividual Elektronisches PDF: Rückseite mit individuelles Referenzprojekt/Success Story 
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promotional png
promotional png
promotional png

2. Customer Account

As of September 2021, there is only one portal for customers and partners.

peoplefone PORTAL

As a partner, by accessing the dedicated Partner Portal and logging into your partner account, you can view and manage all your customers.

3. Invoice

Ideally, when you open a peoplefone customer account you should ask if the customer wants to load a prepaid credit or use postpaid and receiving a monthly invoice by e-mail. 

Condition for Postpaid is a monthly amount of over CHF 200.-. The customer has to sign the peoplefone Business contract and can also send a payment guarantee (of at least CHF 400.-) or an LSV debit authorisation. 

As a preparation you ideally have an "old" phone bill from the customer, to be able to check the amount of calls he/she makes.

Business Contract for POSTPAID clients (DE) |  view |  download
LSV debit authorisation |  view |  download

You can find more information under Business customers -> Rates/Prices -> Billing

4. Porting

As preparation, you ideally have an "old" phone bill of the customer to check the amount of phone numbers (MSN, Businessline), possible Internet connection (partial or full porting) and to validate the owner's name.

Porting authorisation (DE) |  view |  download
Porting dates (DE) |  view |  download