Outgoing and Incoming Calls With peoplefone

With peoplefone VoIP, you can immediately make outgoing calls. For incoming calls via VoIP you need a phone number, which you can either order again or you can port your existing phone number to peoplefone.

Outgoing calls (without phone number) immediately possible


With peoplefone you can just make outgoing calls, without having a telephone number. You just need to register for free at peoplefone and charge a first credit prepaid. After the installation of your VoIP hardware or software you can make outgoing calls worldwide at very low costs!

Making outgoing calls with your smartphone and WiFI you just pay the minutes to peoplefone. This is especially useful abroad as to avoid the large roaming costs! Making outgoing calls with 3G / 4G you pay the minutes to peoplefone and the internet consumption to your mobile operator. Please note that abroad the internet consumption is charged with roaming costs!

Incoming calls with current landline phone number

You can use peoplefone just for outgoing calls at very low rates and leave the traditional landline for the incoming calls. You just need to plug your VoIP-device also to the phone wall socket. You will receive as usual the incoming calls through your traditional telecom provider. Please note that you will still have to pay the monthly connection fees to your traditional telecom provider.


Incoming calls with new phone number

If you want, you can receive the incoming calls also through peoplefone/internet. You just need a new phone number or to port your present number. More information under Phone Numbers.

Main advantages

  • You can receive the incoming calls from whereever you are with your VoIP-device
  • You can receive the incoming calls on different places at the same time
  • You can easily forward the calls directly from your peoplefone account
  • You can save up to 80% of the connection fees monthly


  • The incoming calls over peoplefone pass through internet. Should your internet be down, you would not receive incoming calls.
  • You pay a monthly fee for a phone number.

Incoming calls can also be received via your smartphone. This "push function" must be activated directly from the app. peoplefone does not recommend this as a 100% optimal solution as, depending on the WiFi location, it may take a long time for the app to open to answer the incoming call. 

Phone Number Display


If you would like to display your current phone number for outgoing calls via peoplefone, you can activate this free function directly in your peoplefone account. You have the following options for viewing: 

  • No display: Destinary sees "anonymous" or "blocked"
  • Your actual landline phone number: Please confirm directly on your peoplefone account
  • A new peoplefone No.: The number will be shown automatically as soon as you buy the number on your peoplefone account 

If you have a PBX with "SIP TRUNK" and several phone numbers and you want to display a different number per user; you can directly program it on the PBX and we need to authorise "CLI Open" on your peoplefone account. Please fill in the confirmation (only in German or French available) and send it per scan or fax back to us. 

Function "CLIP OPEN" Confirmation ownership (DE) |  view |  download