peoplefone Account: Register for Free and Start Calling

In the peoplefone account you have your own cockpit. You can enable or disable online features at any time. You also have an overview of your payments, call histories and subscriptions.

peoplefone account in only 3 steps

  • Register: Sign up for a free account.
  • Connect: You connect your VoIP device to the Internet and configure it with the configuration data of your peoplefone account.
  • Call: After uploading a first credit to your account, you can start calling immediately.
peoplefone Registration Costs
Open account  CHF 0.- 
Monthly costs  CHF 0.- 
Payment  Prepaid

In your peoplefone account you can change the login email or your own password anytime. Go to  Login Profile you can also make address changes. Only the first name / last name / company name cannot be changed. Should you want to change the proprietor of the peoplefone account, please send us the following document:

peoplefone account: transfer / change of ownership |  view |  download