Preselect: Phone Without Internet

With any mobile type you can call from on-the-road within Switzerland without internet with the preselect function! You just need the following:

  • On your peoplefone account  Login  Functions  Preselect save the mobile number, that you will use for this function;

  • Choose the "Preselect Number" always before the destination number.

This function is only useful for calling within Switzerland to a foreign country! Please note: should you be travelling abroad, you would pay large roaming costs (preselect number is like a Swiss  fixnet number with roaming)!

Most often used numbers can be saved in the contact list of your mobile with the preselect number and a "pause"-sign before the destination number.



  • You pay to your mobile provider the costs of a call per minute to the preselect number = swiss fix net
  • You pay to peoplefone the costs per minute to the destination number


You are somewhere on the road in Switzerland and want to reach a friend in Austria.

  • You dial the preselect number of peoplefone (044 552 00 00).
  • As soon as you hear the sound, continue to dial the destination number with the international prefix and the # at the end (sound - 0043 720 270 270#).