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Together with our partner TV PLUS AG, we put together a tailor-made TV program for you. Simply connect the TV box to your existing Internet connection, connect via HDMI to your screen or TV and off you go.


Connect, press a button & watch TV – independent, flexible, affordable. It is called TV PLUS. They are revolutionizing the TV service in Switzerland with their small TV box and a subscription which you can cancel monthly. And, you can save 50% of your TV costs in Switzerland with TV PLUS! Are you ready?


The activation of the TV PLUS box is a no-brainer. The box is delivered to your home already activated. You need to connect only three cables to the box and you can start watching TV immediately. With the included remote control you can even control your TV set. Thanks to its logical structure, the remote control is easy to use. Dedicated buttons connect you directly with your Live-TV, your recordings library, your electronic program guide or with YouTube. You no longer have to use several remote controls, remember passwords and struggle with complicated operations. That is a thing of the past from now on.


The little black box of TV PLUS is top notch. Not only does it convince with its simple and timeless design but also with its noiseless operation and minimal power consumption. Apart from the usual TV channels, you also benefit from other functions e.g. the live-pause function, 7-day replay feature, cloud recording, YouTube, Netflix, special language packages and video-on-demand content with over 5000 movies and series. Our innovative technology allows for a much more efficient video streaming over a less expensive infrastructure in comparison with our competitors – hence our attractive pricing.


You do not want to miss your favorite Croatian daily soap or you want to watch the games of the Turkish Süper Lig? An offer of additional international language packages (German, Italian, French, English, Turkish, Croatian and others) allow you to discover many different TV worlds according to your own preferences.

TV PLUS: The Subscription

Simple and clear: Everything is included!

CHF 24.90 / month

+ one-time costs of CHF 99.90 for the TV PLUS Box.
TV Plus Channels