Swiss Phone Numbers

If you want your incoming calls to be reachable via peoplefone, you can order new phone numbers or port your current landline number to peoplefone.

Phone numbers are ordered / ported for at least 12 months and the costs depend on the number of phone numbers per block. A block of numbers is defined by consecutive numbers with the same prefix. In your peoplefone account, select the first phone number and the desired successive numbers will then be listed. If you want for example 3 completely different numbers, you need to order 3 blocs at CHF 5.- each.

You can always view your phone number subscription and the expiration date in your peoplefone account, and you will be reminded by e-mail 35 days before the expiration date that you can extend the number or click on the option of an automatic renewal when there are sufficient funds available.

New Phone Numbers

peoplefone offers Swiss phone numbers of all prefixes of Switzerland. You can chose from the available list directly on your peoplefone account. The phone number is immediately active after the payment!

You can also order multiple phone numbers and lines by just adding more lines on your peoplefone account and ordering a new number block.

Costs are per amount of numbers that follow (paid yearly in advance). You cannot add more numbers to an already activated block.

swiss numbers
Amount of no.* Per month Per year
1 CHF 5.- CHF 60.-
2-5 CHF 10.- CHF 120.-
6-10 CHF 15.- CHF 180.-
11-20 CHF 30.- CHF 360.-
21-30 CHF 45.- CHF 540.-
31-100 CHF 50.- CHF 600.-
101-200 CHF 100.- CHF 1'200.-
201-300 CHF 150.- CHF 1'800.-
301 and more Contact:


*Exception: business numbers 058 and 08XX-numbers

The national phone numbers 058 cost the double of the table; e.g. 2-5 numbers cost CHF 20.- per month.

The 0800 / 0840 / 0844 / 0848 numbers have special costs: for 1 phone number: CHF 140.- of installation and CHF 40.- per month. Please note that each incoming call will be charged to the peoplefone account (e.g. calls from a landline with 0.03 / minute and from a mobile with 0.25 / minute).

All prices are in CHF incl. VAT.

Porting of Own Phone Number

Porting procedure

If you also connect the incoming calls with peoplefone VoIP, thus saving up to 80% of the monthly connection fees, you can port your current fixed line number(s) to peoplefone.

With number porting all outgoing and incoming calls are done over the internet (VoIP). You therefore absolutely need an internet connection! (PLEASE NOTE: Should your internet contract be tied to a fixline phone number, you need to clarify the possibilities to keep the internet contract like for example the offer of Swisscom [email protected]).

The phone number contract will be terminated with the entry in the national porting system and your current landline phone number will be transfered to peoplefone. The porting documents have to be filled and signed by the owner of the number (Important: the name at the power of attorney has to be exactly the same as the owner of the number!). Inactive, expired or reserved numbers cannot be ported.

Your data at Swisscom Directories is kept. Should you wish a change, contact

The paper phone book will be stopped. For an order of a phone book contact [email protected]

The number porting can only be done in Switzerland. The outporting of your number can be done anytime. Once the yearly fee is payed, it will not be reimbursed.

Porting documents

Please read through the porting documents (only available in German and French) carefully. For the porting of a number, you just need to fill in the porting documents (3 pages), sign and send them to us. One porting authority must be filled out for each number range. 

peoplefone executes all porting activities on Tuesdays. However, the porting documents should arrive at peoplefone at least 15 days before the desired porting dates (always Monday evenings).

No later than one week before the porting date, you will receive our confirmation by email with an attached invoice.

Porting authorisation (DE) |  view |  download
Porting dates (DE) |  view |  download

Costs for porting of landline / VoIP numbers

Amount of numbers One-time costs for order Numbers per month
An analog number CHF 39.- CHF 5.-
An ISDN / MultiLine block of 2 - 5 numbers CHF 69.- CHF 10.-
DDI / BusinessLine block of 10 - 100 numbers CHF 380.- CHF 15.- to 50.-

Important: In the case of peoplefone customers with a business contract (postpaid customer), the one-off and monthly costs are invoiced in the monthly statements

  • Several blocks of numbers cannot be assembled and neither can numbers be added to the existing block.
  • The costs are defined according to the composition of the blocks of the current operator. For example, 2 ISDN blocks of 2 to 5 numbers each correspond to 2 porting orders at CHF 69.- and 2 blocks of numbers at CHF 10.- per month each. 
  • A DDI / BusinessLINE block consists of at least 10 numbers and cannot be separated. For the porting of a sub-part, the customer must initiate the separation of the areas before submitting the porting to his provider. 

  • A BusinessLINE number TAG (subscriber line group) is billed as a special number from Swisscom, like a DDI block. 

Modification or Cancellation of a porting order

  • Once confirmed, telephone numbers can only be changed or canceled no later than 7 days before the porting date. Depending on the case, different costs already exist. 
  • If you cancel an already confirmed porting, only the one-off order costs will be charged. 
  • When the date needs to be changed on an already submitted porting, the porting must be cancelled and re-initiated. The single order costs are then billed twice.