Take advantage of VoIP

Thanks to the shared use of your Internet line for telephony and the Internet, you save each month the connection fees of the telephone number and lower your call costs. In addition, you can benefit from the flexibility of VoIP. 

Following, we have put together several advantages and disadvantages of VoIP technology.

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  • The voice quality is identical to the traditional phone line. 
  • You can save on the monthly analog or ISDN connection charges.

  • Making calls via VoIP lowers your call costs! You will be amazed how cheap making phone calls can be. It is worth to compare it.
  • You are more accessible! With peoplefone VoIP you have an infinite number of call channels. 
  • Use your VoIP phone number anywhere in the world.
  • Within 15 minutes you will have set up your peoplefone VoIP connection.


  • Because low or unstable Internet bandwidths can lead to poor call quality, you will need a stable Internet connection (ADSL,VDSL, fiber, 4G).

  • If the Internet connection fails, no calls are possible. peoplefone offers you a free backup solution. 
  • In the case of long fax transmissions, the connection may break.
  • In case of emergency calls problems can occur. We recommend using the mobile phone for emergency calls or specifically mentioning your location. 

Please note:

  • You can integrate analog faxes into the VoIP network via a VoIP adapter (ATA). Due to manufacturer specific differences, transmission errors can occur in practice. Large fax volumes or a large amount of fax pages can lead to a complete disrupt of fax transmission. 
  • Caution when converting ISDN connections of an alarm system or a fire detection system into an IP connection. Consult with your installation partner, your insurance or alarm center. 
  • The company usually only has one DSL Internet connection for data transmission. If this connection/port is also used for voice transmissions, you will need a sufficient bandwidth. Fist formula: 100 kb/s is required per call. Recommendation from our VoIP expert: Especially with companies with a high data volume, two DSL connections are reasonable. One line is used for data transmissions, while the second line is used for voice transmissions. If you used the line from different suppliers, you will create additional backups.
  • Is your internal network (LAN) already "voice ready" (suitable for voice transmission)? The voice transmission provides specific requirements to network components such as Ethernet switches, routers and firewalls. This ensures a good voice quality (keyword: Quality of Service).
  • Analog modems, e.g. (old) EC-cash, credit card systems, postage meters and alarms, cannot be used within the VoIP network.