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Phone calls in only 3 steps: You just need to plug the VoIP hardware (VoIP adaptor or IP phone) to the internet (DSL/cable), fill in the SIP data from your peoplefone account and you can start making phone calls right away:

  • You can find recommended products in our peoplefone shop.

  • The SIP data for the configuration can be found in your peoplefone account under  Login  Configuration.

  • In the peoplefone account you can charge prepaid credit and instantly start making calls with favorable peoplefone tarifs.

VoIP Telephones

Gigaset IP

  • VoIP and landline telephone DECT
  • Plug directly on modem/router
  • Configurable directly with the handset thanks to the preconfiguration by peoplefone. 

VoIP Adapters

peoplefone Box

peoplefone box
  • VoIP adaptor preconfigured with peoplefone (Plug and Phone)
  • INTERNET: Plug on modem/router. Integrated router for clients with only one internet port
  • ETHERNET: Option to plug the computer
  • PHONE 1: Plug the analog telephone device (no ISDN phone!)


  • Different FRITZ!Box models for ADSL, VDSL or cable internet
  • Router WLAN with integrated modem analog and ISDN
  • Telephone system VoIP and landline
  • Outputs for telephone devices analogs, ISDN or DECT
  • Configuration of multiple functions

VoIP Software for Internet Telephony With Computer

You can use peoplefone with your laptop / computer from wherever you are in the world, where you have a good internet connection (without firewalls or blocked VoIP). Especially abroad you can save the roaming costs.

You just need to download the VoIP software on your computer and fill the SIP data from your peoplefone account and start phoning right away! Plug an USB-Phone or headset to phone more comfortably.


In just 3 steps

  • Register for free at peoplefone.
  • Download software softphone and fill in the SIP configuration data.
  • Charge a first credit, plug a headset or a USB-Phone on your PC and start phoning!

Free Softphones

Choose your operating system and download the free softphone on your computer. The SIP configuration data can be found in your peoplefone account «Login» «Configuration».

windows new

Windows: Counterpath - X-Lite

apple new

Mac OS: Counterpath - X-Lite


In our peoplefone shop, you can at anytime order a headset or USB-Phone. Should you need another driver for your USB-Phone, choose one at 

VoIP Softphones and Apps for Your Mobile

Anytime you are on the road, you can make calls using a smartphone at favourable peoplefone rates with WiFi or 3G / 4G! Please note: If you are abroad, your smartphone still uses Internet (roaming costs with your mobile provider!) In your softphone settings, make sure to use "only with WiFi".

WLAN pic
smartphone 3G

Advantages with WiFi / WLAN

  • Abroad: save the huge roaming costs while phoning with WiFi!
  • Save in general the phone costs of your mobile operator and no cost of internet either 
  • At home: use the mobile with WiFi like a home phone!

Advantages with 3G / 4G

  • Switzerland: save the phone costs of your mobile operator 
  • Abroad: NOT recommended as you have huge roaming costs on the Internet consumption as well!
  • For a better quality buy the G279a-Codec on your app!

All peoplefone applications can be downloaded for free. Choose depending on the operating system of your mobile / smartphone. The SIP configuration data is in your peoplefone account  Login  Configuration. 

new iphone pic

iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

with peoplefone APP

android phone

Android OS

with peoplefone APP

(For HTC Desire, HTC Hero, HTC Legend, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, etc.)


All mobile types

Preselect (call through) function