VoIP pioneer since 2005

There are numerous VoIP providers international and national, with or without different functions, with or without different charges, with or without fixed costs, with or without contract binding and long notice periods, etc.

peoplefone has been active in the Swiss market since 2005, as well as being active in 7 countries to date (more information at About us). Our long-standing customers confirm that our offers are transparent and competitive. We have no "small" or hidden clauses.

Our prepaid customers do not sign any contracts and are always flexible and free when choosing the VoIP provider. Only subscriptions like phone numbers, phone conferences, and the like, are paid for in advance (e.g. 12 months in advance). You will find all prices, costs and conditions on our website. And you can always contact us at [email protected] for further questions.

Here are some features of peoplefone that can help you choose a VoIP provider:

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Some selection criteria for VoIP providers

Characteristics peoplefone Provider 2 Provider 3
Duration for setting up a VoIP account 15 min. 1 day 5 days
Setup costs Standard / Home / Start account CHF 0.- CHF 19.- CHF 49.-
Monthly subscription fee for the Standard / Home / Start account CHF 0.- CHF 2.90 CHF 25.-
Minimum contract term for Standard / Home / Start account none none 12 months
Connection setup costs per call CHF 0.- CHF 0.079 CHF 0.12
Multiple simultaneous use of a SIP line unlimited unlimited 1
National phone numbers available

International phone numbers available 

Porting of existing telephone numbers possible

Setup costs SIP TRUNK / Business / Plus account

CHF 0.- CHF 100.- CHF 49.-
Subscription fee for SIP TRUNK / Business / Plus account CHF 0.- CHF 18.90 CHF 35.-
Unlimited, free number of simultaneous voice channels (incoming / outgoing)

Setup costs per voice channel

CHF 0.-

CHF 10.- n.i.
Monthly costs per voice channel CHF 0.- CHF 5.90 n.i.
Free HOSTED test account for 30 days

Alternative solution: 3CX HOSTED PBX possible

Alternative solution: Skype for Business HOSTED possible