Telephony continues to develop

The analogue and ISDN fixed-line telephony will be switched off in Switzerland by the end of 2017 by conventional providers such as Swisscom. Over the last few years, many customers have switched to VoIP and were able to benefit from the advantages provided by VoIP, while still maintaining the same high quality calls as with a traditional fixed line. In the following pages you can read more about the advantages / disadvantages. 


What is an IP connection and how does it work?

IP telephony (short for Internet Protocol Telephony), also called Internet telephony or Voice over IP (VoIP), is the telephoning via computer networks, which are built according to Internet standards. In doing so, typical information such as voice and connection information is converted into data packets and transmitted via your Internet connection. You can make calls via your computer, IP telephones (SIP compatible telephone devices) or traditional telephones (which are connected via special adapters).

peoplefone VoIP in only 3 steps!

You need any internet connection (ADSL / VDSL / cable / 4G).

  • You register for free at peoplefone.
  • You connect your VoIP hardware to the Internet. You can also download the VoIP software on the PC or mobile phone / smartphone. After that you only have to configure the devices with the peoplefone SIP data. 

  • You charge/top-up your peoplefone account with a first prepaid credit

You can make phone calls immediately at very low costs worldwide! Your peoplefone account is prepaid (upload account) and if you are using peoplefone only for outgoing calls you do not have to sign a contract nor do you have monthly fees.

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